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  • 40 Pcs Wooden Railway Car Train Track Kids Toy.
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40 Pcs Wooden Railway Car Train Track Kids Toy.

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Features   :

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• Develops the imagination, fine motor skills and logical thinking of your child.
• Combines with most other railway systems on the market.

• An entire city where your train, cars chugs along through bridge and goes up steep hills on its journey passing lakes, high buildings and lush trees. This is perfect for kids who like things that go. With wooden rails that fit together (with most other train sets, too) and toy cars & trains that can be combined in different ways, it helps kids develop their motor skills and creativity.

Material: Wooden
Size: 80 (L) x 35.5 (W)cm (Puzzle Map)
Packaging size: 32 (L) x 6 (W) x 24.5 (H) cm

Package included:
1 x Puzzle Map
12 x Rail track
4 x Vehicle
3 x Building
1 x Stop Sign
1 x Road Crossing Sign
5 x Tree
3 x People

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