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  • Air Conditioner Cleaning Spray, Air Cond Dust Cleaner.
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Air Conditioner Cleaning Spray, Air Cond Dust Cleaner.

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-The foam which sprayed on is activate and clean
-It helps to eliminate the dirty on radiators, fans, safe cover and the surface of the lamps
-Reduce Electricity

-DIY with Professional result
-No rinse needed
-Safe on fins and coils
-Extended air conditioner life
-Kills bacteria 99.99%
-Super easy to use
-Made by active agent and macromolecules material
-Prevents from corrupting for the colored metal

How to use:
1)Shake the cleaner well as general about 3mins
2)Insert the small tube and press the nozzle

3)Let the foam adhere the dirt on the surface
4)Wait until the foam disappear and stream with the dirt
5)To reach a better effect, spray again after 15mins

Product Dimensions: 5.5x24x6cm
Weight: 516g
Volume: 500ml

Package included:
1 x Air con Cleaning Spray

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