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Vegetable Grater - 10 In 1 Mandoline Slicer, Vegetable Grater Cutter With Stainless Steel Blade.

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Features  :

1. The item for you :
☆The mandoline slicer improves your cooking skills instantly from a rookie to a chef.
☆ Vegetable Cutter blades are easy to set and reset, it slices very quickly in different thicknesses and a variety of styles, potato, onion, cheese, carrot, tomato, cucumber, garlic, ginger and fruits, julienne or slice, wavy or straight. All in perfect sizes,save your time and money.
☆ Finger Guard & Peeler of ceramic blade are included as bonus. With this kitchen cutting kit, you can save 70% time , say bye to watery eyes when slicing onions; And helps you prepare food more elegantly.
☆ Detachable Mandoline slicer - Food container base to catch all your cuts!

2. Mandoline Slicer has 6 interchangeable stainless steel blades.
☆ Straight slicer - perfect for slicing fresh cucumber or thinly cut potato chips!
☆ Grater - for your cheeses or carrots.
☆ Fine grater - Ideal for grating garlic, ginger, nutmeg or even chocolate!
☆ Coarse Cheese Grater - great for cheese.
☆ Julienne Slicer - for beautifully consistent vegetable / French Fry strips.
☆ Safety hat offering protection.

• 1 x Mandoline Slicer (Food Container)
• 1 x Straight slicer 1.0mm
• 1 x Straight slicer 1.5mm
• 1 x Julienne 3.0mm
• 1 x Julienne 4.0mm
• 1 x Grate blade
• 1 x grater
• 1 x Safe Hand Guard
• 1 x Peeler

4. Note:
- The mandoline slicer blades are very sharp. Please be careful when you are using it.
- When cutting food, please use the safety hand guard to protect your fingers.
- Clean the mandoline slicer immediately after use to prevent food from drying on the parts.

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